Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fan Pages on Facebook - Human Stupidity

If there was a fan page (and there probably is if I looked hard enough) for human stupidity, I'd consider being a "fan". Ever since Facebook created their new page design I am bombarded with "Suggestions" for pages that I should join.

Thankfully Facebook allows me to ignore application invites from those certain friends that have 347 applications on their page. I can ignore those group invites too. What I find annoying not only is all the requests for the Fan pages, but what my friends are becoming fans of!

Here's a few goodies that my friends right now are clicking on to become a part of the fan base. Apparently, they feel that if they do not express their fan-ship, you won't have a clue what your friend is like.

My friends are fans of:


Ugh. Really? I put in my status feed this disclaimer : "The next person who becomes a Facebook friend of AIR automatically gets deleted."

Food, sleeping, and cuddling are a given. It's a survival instinct. OF COURSE I'M A FAN OF FOOD, I NEED IT TO LIVE!

The Jesus fan page to me just says sacrilegious. Do you honestly think Jesus would have Facebook? Eh...I'm thinking no.

But anyway, the Facebook fan pages have gotten out of control. They're really pointless. I could see becoming a fan to a celebrity or music artist. But basic needs? Seriously.

I think the Facebook groups are slowly being replaced by fan pages.

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