Monday, July 20, 2009

Cameras vs No Cameras at Concerts

Last night I was at the Neko Case concert. She is one of my absolute favorite singer/songwriters. I was so excited when Scott bought me tickets for the concert. So, as usual I took my camera to the concert. When we got there, the security at the front door said no cameras. Well, of course, no Professional cameras, ticket stubs always say that. But no, my cheap Kodak was denied entry, I was so bummed. This had been the first concerts I had been to that you couldn't take pictures at.

There are pros and cons to having cameras at concerts, and I figured it would be best to break this down.

The POSITIVES of Cameras at Concerts.

1. You paid good money to see your favorite act, you're supporting their music. You should be able to take a picture of that artist since you paid to get into the show.

2. It's a keepsake, you document events in your life.

3. It's free publicity for an artist. Someone sees that you went to said artists show, they might be interested in checking out the artist.

4. It keeps fans happy.

The NEGATIVES to Cameras at Concerts

1. Some stupid person thinks they need a picture of each word out of the artist's mouth, hence 5000 flashes are produced in one song by just that one person.

-You go to the concert to enjoy the music, not watch it through a viewfinder of your camera.

2. The artists/musicians don't want to be blinded by hundreds of flashes going of constantly.

-My back up to this is, well, you picked the profession. Fame comes with cameras.

3. Bad pictures.

-Most cameras (including mine) are shitty for concerts. It's too dark and the flash doesn't really help, especially if you're in the last row. Why waste the effort?

4. Embarrassing pictures.

- In the day and age of running celebrities or artists through the dirt, a picture could hurt an artists reputation based on a bad angle or bad timing.

Some artists don't want cameras at their shows because of the "blinding" factor. Some have their own photographers who don't want others to be taking pictures while they're trying to. Copyright issues are also a factor.

What do you think about cameras at concerts? Are you for it or against it?

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