Monday, April 20, 2009

Why Jesus Would Have Been a PC user, Satan a Mac

The argument that we've seen in commercials on TV is whether PC or Macs are better. I'm a PC user, and honestly a Mac would probably be a better computer, although for the 18+ years I've used a computer I know how to diagnose problems on my PC and fix it. Macs, well, I feel like they take care of themselves. They're odd in doing this.

I got to thinking about what kind of computer Jesus would have picked up from Best Buy if he was a computer user. Instantly PC stood out. Jesus just doesn't seem like he'd be a trendy Mac user sipping lattes in a Starbucks with a soul patch on his chin and black rimmed glasses.

Jesus represents the basic person who likes affordable, functional things. Enter PC. Sure, the PC has glitches, Vista sucked, but at the event of a fire, I'd grab my PC laptop because it's my prized possession. I loved my PC. Sure, it doesn't have an flashy apple icon, nor the price tag of a Mac. It doesn't have cool features like a Mac, but it gets the job done. It's a faithful computer that turns on and gets me online.

Satan would have used a Mac. Hello, apple = sinful fruit. DUH. Macs represent a fashion statement. You are cool and hip if you have a Mac. It's expensive and beautiful. People act like crazed greedy animals standing in line for Apple products like the iPhone or newest iPod. Besides, Mac thinks PC owners are fat, boring, stupid, and poor. They think they are better than anyone else.

Visual proof, Bernie Madoff uses a Mac. Bernie Madoff = Satan to some people.

While my theory maybe far fetched, there are some points that direct you to link Jesus to PC, Mac to Satan. It's a generalization, but an interesting one to think about.

Now, the question is, what would Buddha use?

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