Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm Turning into A Germophobe

I have a friend who fears bacteria. I would constantly raise my eyebrow at some of the odd things she'd do. It was definitely a case of OCD on her part for how much she would freak out over germs. She carries enough hand sanitizer in her purse to kill a horse if he would drink it. She'll wipe down her steering wheel of her car before driving because she's afraid of transporting germs. Another problem she has is garage sales and thrift stores because it's "other people" germs. I personally like cheap things myself plus it's called a washing machine.

Ever since I started working at the high school I've paid a little more attention to staying healthy by washing my hands more often, cleaning the kiddos desks during passing period with disinfectant wipes, washing down door handles in the house, plus religiously taking my vitamin C vitamin.

Pig flu + Me = bacon in hot grease.

in other words, I refuse to get sick from germs.

Sure, there's the airborne threat, but I think most illnesses comes from sharing things like drinks, chapstick, etc. Of course there is just the touching things other people have touched problem. I found myself spritzing a little hand sanitizer in my hands as I left the mall last weekend. My hands just felt dirty after touching doors, escalader railings, and the occasional hanger. Who knows what someone had touched and what they may have had.

It's like the whole if you've had sex with someone who's had sex with 3 other people, then you've basically slept with 7 people in one booty call. It's the orgy you never thought you'd have. Here's the chart that made me glad I'm on the 1 to 1 ratio, gotta love waiting till the right one. :) >>

I'm around a classroom of 30 sneezy, snotty, germy teenagers for about an hour and a half. I see about 130 kids in my class a day. Take that number by how many kids just one kid comes in contact a day with. That 130 kids a day is connected to over 1,000+ germy, sneezy, snotty people. I don't really want to know the ratio of actual contact that is brought into my classroom in just one day. Hence why I'm not a little bit paranoid over the germs.

Let's just say, Lysol is my best friend and please for the love of limp greasy bacon, cover your mouth when you sneeze. Or else Cathleen Syblius (the secretary of the health dept) will chew you out and tell you about Elmo's ability to not spread germs during a press junket with a bunch of adults. Don't be that poor dude.

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