Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lady Gaga is that you?

A few weeks ago I was down at the Crossroads District in Kansas City for the annual First Fridays Art Gallery shows. I go whenever I can. I like looking at art made by the locals. There's always interesting characters down there, mostly hippies, but hey, I date one who hangs out with lots of them, so I guess that makes me semi-hippie (I bathe and at one time was republican.)

Anyway, I was in one gallery walking around looking at some paper meche art covered in staples (seriously, it was pretty cool) and then I looked over to see a blond haired girl. My first thought was, "HOLY CRAP, Lady Gaga? In Kansas City? In this very gallery? Nooooo way!"

What made me think this was the interesting (crazy in a way) outfits that Lady Gaga (a singer) wears out in public and on stage.

Then I realized, no. It was not Lady Gaga. It was Lady Gaga inspired fashion IN PUBLIC. Something I did not fathom I would ever see in public here in KC.

The picture is a little blurry, because honestly, do you think I'd be rude enough to use a flash? Sneaky photography is my thing when doing covert operations for Xanga posts. The outfit up close as I walked past her (well, I kinda followed her) was handmade. Of course, anything like this would have to be handmade. The Gap nor Old Navy does not sell odd leotard outfits.

I give the girl huge kudos. I don't think I could be brave enough to wear something this different. Celebrities can get away with wearing pretty much anything. Normal people, eh not so much. The girl did a great job on the outfit but I think I would have paired it with heels instead of flats...but then again, there's lots of walking to be done at First Fridays, so function before fashion sometimes must be sacrificed.

Oh the interesting things we see!

Ladies (or guys...) do you think you could pull off the Lady Gaga leotard outfit?

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