Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dating Isn't Dead For Serious Relationships

I've been with my boyfriend for over three years. It seems like at times we're stuck in that "old married couple" phase. The "new" feeling has long since passed. When Scott and I first started dating we'd go out for dinner or go do things like art shows, games, etc. It was that phase were we were trying to learn about each other and see if we were "it" for each other.

Three years passed, and every weekend it seemed like I was just going home to live with my significant other and our dog. He'd be in the computer room working on photo editing and I'll be in the living room watching E! channel (he hates it with a passion).

Were was the new? Were was the excitement in that? I think every relationship after a long time gets to that "too comfortable" stage. I remember when I wouldn't dare be in a room of Scott's house without him in that room with me. I'd tell him "I'm going to the bathroom now".

Now I do as I please and even keep all my stuff at his house. I have a key too. Where is the discovery in that?

But I like it, that we have moved past the awkward "Do I like you?" stage. We're now at the point of no return.

But last night, it felt like dating once again. He drove to dinner, paid for a nice sit down dinner, lots of conversation, and then he took me to the movies. This is something we RARELY do anymore. It was a nice little spice up.

I hear of all my friends talk about their boring relationships, and it's nice to know Scott and I can go back to the "dating" phase and spoil each other with a nice night out. It doesn't have to always be chores, tv, feed the puppy, fast food/cooking at home, then bed time.

I encourage all couples to at least once every three months, splurge on a nice night out.

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