Monday, August 3, 2009

Fork in the Road

In big moments and decisions in our adult life we come to forks in the road. We have to decide what road we want to take.

The smooth paved road with straight paths is the easiest and more boring of a drive. I sometimes feel that my friends get to take the easy road in life. Everything falls right into place for them. They don't have to worry "if" or "when", things just happen. They cruise with the top down, sun shining, and gas is a $1.50 a gallon. They don't have a care in the world, and the speed limit is unlimited.

The other road is the one with the bumps, curves, and road construction detours. Nobody wants to find themselves on Route FML. (frick my life). It seems like I'm constantly on this road holding on tightly to the steering wheel going 10 mph under the speed limit hoping a deer doesn't jump out in the dark from the trees. You're on this road when the GPS system batteries die and your driving in the middle of the night through a downpour.

It doesn't help when your passenger in the car of life doesn't want to stop and ask for directions to get to the Easy highway. So you continue on that curvy, potholed, shitty road of life not knowing where you're going as you keep driving. You hope all the while that the car doesn't run out of gas and you make it to the next town.

When the passenger doesn't want to take the same route that you want, you find yourself unhappy, worried, and constantly questioning "why?" Do you turn back and drop them off and start all over again on your journey? Or do you keep going hoping that the clearing and "end of road construction" sign is just around the bend? I'm not the type of person to start all over when I have an outlook that it might get better. And besides, it's better to have company when the drive is scary.

Trying to get to the destination on time though, never seems to be my thing. And I'm a punctual person, I want things to start happening in my life when I'm ready. I don't want to wait on the passenger in the car to make up their mind which route to take. It'd just be a lot easier if they were using the same map as everyone else.

Too bad Geico can't save me heartache with that money.

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