Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eminem is like Cigarettes

I was having a deep intellectual conversation this evening with my sister as we were on our way to the auto parts store to pick up some oil and an air filter for my dad. For some reason the passenger of my car no matter who it is always takes hostage of my iPod. I guess it's the same as you shouldn't text while driving, well, you shouldn't wheel spin your iPod while driving either.

So my sister has my iPod and she's running through 10 second snippets of my extensive catalog. Heartless Bastards would come on, she'd let it play for a minute then on to Metric for a brief 30 seconds, then a click to Apex Twin, 10 seconds of that she's on to Edward Sharpe and the Magical Zeros. The girl has MADD, no not Mother's Against Drunk Driving, Musical Attention Deficient Disorder. It's a real crime to the chorus.

She finally says, "Oh let's go gangsta". Suddenly my car's bass is thumping to Lil Wayne/Eminem's "No Love". She turns it up and starts throwing gangster symbols to the cows we pass going down the highway. She obviously had a beef with them.

She starts talking over the loud music and lyrics of "lick those pussys before I eat them".

I raise an eyebrow. I should have maybe purchased the clean version with only five words rapped in the entire song...

"You feel cool when you listen to Eminem," she says.

I come back quickly with my whit and say, "Yea, like how kids think they're cool when they smoke cigarettes, except Eminem is less hazardous."

So I think I will leave it with this, "You're cooler if you listen to Eminem than smoking cigarettes, plus you won't die of cancer."

I need to send this to Eminem's marketing group.

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  1. Just about anything is cooler than smoking cigarettes, so that's not saying much about listening to Eminem.