Monday, February 22, 2010

Concerning Twilight

I'm not one for fads, especially teen fads being that I've graduated past my geeky horror-mone crazed days. When my sister was "bitten" by the Twilight fad I put my hand to head and just shook it with disappointment. She was always toting around her black covered books, dreaming of sparkly pail boys who don't age. It was disturbing, especially when her friends would come over and go on and on about the book.

I had my reservations about Twilight.

A) I'm not big on fiction. I'm a non-fiction footnotes included type of reader. I just read "The Lost King: How DNA Solved the Mystery of Louis Charles" It's excellent. Now I'm reading Lady Antonia Fraser's "The Wives of Henry VIII"

B) An author who doesn't know how to spell Stephanie is apparently not someone I can put up with. StephENIE? Seriously? I pronounce my name SteFaNnie. Emphasis on the "annie". StephEnie sounds like you have an belly button issue.

C) Vampires? Trendy? Is this what we're down to?

D) Robert Patterson is not drop dead gorgeous. Cute, yes. But no George Clooney.

E) I can't be into something that 13 year olds obsess about. There's a thing called generation gap for a reason.

My sister has been pleading with me to at least try to read one chapter of the book to form an opinion. Fair enough. She did tell me to avoid the movie, there is hope I suppose that she did share the same womb as me.

I decided I'd read a bit of the book to make some valid opinions instead of secretly wondering if this book was decent for my worthwhile. I do give kudos when kudos is due. Anything that gets kids reading is alright by me.


I can't for the life of me put it down. I'm on Eclipse! I finished Twilight in three days, New Moon in a week. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME??!!!

*checks pulse and neck for life*

Stephenie (should be Anie) Meyer has a way with words. Oddly I can't get past the oddness of the book, but I'm on hiatus from higher learning and allowing my brain to go all mushy before I start my Masters. I guess it's okay to not think too critical sometimes. The way the story develops with Bella's "automatic" knowing that Edward must be a vampire is a bit far fetched. The mind, ok. All the boys swooning over her, come on. It's good to pass the time and be entertained. I'll leave it at that. The weird relationship between her and Jacob, I'm sorry, but I would have stopped talking to the guy after New Moon, he's psycho. Edward sets a bad example for young girls thinking that all men are like that. My boyfriend is FAR from that protective/romantic.

Plus, the odd similarities to the language and expression given by Edward is very strikingly similar to an ex-boyfriend I had, and now I'm questioning if vampires really do exist...

He did suck the emotional life out of me for six months. Same as blood right?

Forgive me my literate friends who appreciate fine works of literature, for I have sinned.

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